I am Aliki Zanessis. I spent my childhood in Greece and completed my studies in Italy, where I live now. My mother is Italian and my father is Greek, so I am perfectly bilingual.

Since I was a child, I have been fond of languages and I decided to become a translator. Given that I love cinema as well, I undertook specific studies in the audiovisual field. In this field I am able to employ my language and digital skills.

Of course my Italo-Greek background provided me with an excellent knowledge of Italian and Greek.

Thanks to my studies I have an excellent command of both British and American English, and I achieved a deep knowledge not only of Castilian Spanish, but also of its main Latin American variants, with a focus on spoken language.

Finally, since my passion for languages is still very present, I’m broadening my knowledge of Catalan.


The aim of this website is to present myself in professional terms, but also to illustrate some cases where translation may pose considerable difficulties and challenges. As a matter of fact, my passion for languages and my experience in the translation field have often given me some food for thought that I would like to share with you.